Coming November 5th 2021

I wanted to mate for love, because my wolf found its match. Throw in a blessing from the moon goddess that makes every male around me literally kill to be my mate—with or without my permission—and my mother’s warnings start to sound a lot more realistic. Mate for security. For safety. Love is a luxury I can’t afford.

I had everything lined up and threw it all away because the male didn’t make my wolf sing. Now, I’m just tired. Tired of the schemes, of the abuse. I’d rather die alone than go through another betrayal. My heart can’t take it, and the river is a forgiving mistress.

I never planned on being rescued. I’d given up hope finding the wolf that spoke to mine. I never planned on someone caring, not for my visions, but for me. And now that he does, Liam’s in more danger than he ever could have imagined. My hellscape has become his, but I’m not alone anymore. We’re not alone.