Coming June 17th, 2022


When the going gets rough, I’m inevitably the one that hits the road to fix it. Problem is, my mate, Cleo, isn’t too happy with that particular arrangement. I know I owe her a lot, but she hasn’t exactly made things easy. It’s like the Goddess is toying with me. At this point, I’m not sure how we’re going to patch things up, but if I can ever manage to stay home long enough, I’m sure going to try. Problem is, this time? She might not give me the chance.


Every girl dreams of finding her mate when a visiting male wanders through, especially a visiting male of rank.Every girl except me; I’m perfectly happy staying at home as the Beta’s niece, carving out a bit more space for us Windteeth up here in the mountains. Of course, the Goddess has other plans, giving me the one thing I never wanted: a foreign mate. But there’s something wrong with this Beta from Blackmane. It’s like he can’t smell me, can’t sense me. Like I don’t exist to him. 

I don’t plan on staying invisible for long.