Howdy, folks!

So, my last post let you know what was coming up for me, schedule wise. I mentioned needing to have a surgery done, and all the things.

Well, make that two, because a complication from the first surgery nearly wiped me out. Thank -heavens- I wasn’t home alone when it happened. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t get to my phone to call 911. Things could have ended very differently for me, I’m afraid. Without going into too many details, this second surgery nearly quadrupled my recovery time. I couldn’t even think about writing for about a month afterwards. I was too busy trying to figure out what normal life was and strengthening my core back up enough that I could walk without a cane again. Fun stuff. Let’s not do that again though, shall we?

So, with a month’s delay, Lesser Victory has finally released today! I’ll give you all a moment to cheer.

-crickets chirp-

Ahem. Moving on! Eli’s book is up next, because plot reasons. Go read Lesser Victory to find out why. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, after all. We should see that book out here in August of this year, and then we’re bound for the Pride lands… well, the lands of Chase’s Pride, anyway.

For anyone keeping track at home, Kyla the Great Dane puppy is officially five months old and weighs in at around 75 pounds. Sheesh! She is the best cuddler, though, and has the sweetest way ever to wake me up. Velvet kisses on either my ear or foot, whatever she can reach. Seeing as she’s already taller than me on her hind legs, that’s… pretty much everything!

I’ll catch you around for the next blog update.

XOXO – Alexa