Hey there, Ryders! Alexa here with another update.

The first three books of the Panthera Chronicles are now available at a discounted rate as part of a box set! I always love making box sets: this one has over 243,000 words to keep you satisfied. This set contains all of Troy and Andi’s story, and will get you prepared for the series as it continues on. Politics, sexy times, and assassins, galore!

Work is progressing on Eli’s book, Conflict of Interest. I haven’t revealed the cover yet, but the header picture gives you a pretty good hint at what we’re looking at. My beta readers have really been enjoying this one, and this is by far the book that’s been the most fun for me to write in my career as an author. Counting my fantasy pen name, this will also be my tenth book written total, so it feels rather special to me as I enter the double digits.

We have a release date! On or around August 31st, depending on Amazon, you all shall have a book! And it’s a steamy one, guys. Honestly. These two are horn dogs in all the best ways. I’m barely half-way done with the book yet and there’s already been… uh… five steamy scenes so far? I can’t wait to share it with you.

While we’re here, I can share Conflict of Interest’s blurb with you. When I reveal the cover, I’ll share an excerpt or two as well.

It’s not every day you’re given a second chance, and Eli isn’t about to waste his.

Born the second child of the Panthera ruling family, his sole duty is to protect his sister and her reign. So far, he’s done a piss-poor job of it, but all of that’s about to change. Eli’s been handed a way to track his sister’s would-be assassin and he’ll follow her anywhere, even into the forbidden Human territories. 

The penalty for trespassing? Death.

Brenna serves her brother and their Pride as spákona, though the Lioness considers her visions of the future a curse, not a gift. If it weren’t for a vision that linked her Pride’s survival with that of their age-old enemies, the Panthers, she wouldn’t bother with the lesser cats at all. But even her foresight can miss things, and when her brother orders her to join the team hunting Andi’s assassin, Brenna finds there’s more to lose than just her life on this trip.

The Pantheran prince hunts not only a killer, but Brenna’s heart.

After Conflict of Interest, I have a few ideas of where to go next. We could head over to the Pride’s lands and start the Leonis books, we could continue in Panthera to Sasha and Lita’s book, or maybe work both ways, with a novella starring Tobias coming out. Who doesn’t love a silver fox?

Either way, I’m hoping for another release in November, but life being what it is, who knows? I’ll be temporarily moving from part time at my day job to full time to cover a co-worker’s maternity leave, so busy times are afoot! What an exciting time to be alive.