Hey there, Ryders!

It’s been a while, and for that, I apologize. The pandemic hit a lot of folks hard. I, for one, lost the job that let me take on the costs of publishing. It was a rough year, and I just hunkered down, took care of my mental health and my family, and focused on surviving the pandemic just like I’m sure a lot of you did.

Thankfully, I did get some writing done during my silence as well. The Blackmane Wolf Pack is going to be coming at you all this fall. The first book is in editing and I’m a good chunk of the way into the second installment. I originally called these guys the ‘yappy wolves’ because they wouldn’t let me shut up and focus on Sasha’s book, but I’m now enjoying them so much, and I hope you will too.

For anyone that’s interested in meeting me or getting signed books, I’ll be in Vegas in November! I’ll be attending the 20Booksto50k writing conference, and we’re having a reader appreciation event on Friday, November 12th. There are going to be literally hundreds of authors there, so it could be your chance to meet some of your favorites in person.

I am looking into being able to get things like autographed books, bookmarks, and other fun goodies available for purchase on my website as well, so keep your eyes open for that in the future.

I will need ARC readers for Tempting Visions, the first book in the Blackmane Wolf Pack series. I’ll give that opportunity first to newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t signed up already, click on that ‘Newsletter’ button in the site navigation to sign up. ARC readers get a free copy of the book in advance of release in exchange for leaving a review on Amazon on release day, so this is your chance to read Liam and Kiva’s story before anyone else. And, because covers are pretty, have a look at their cover, and I’ll see you all next time ❤