Paranormal Romance Author

Alexa has been a fan of all things steamy since… probably too young of an age, in all honesty. Letting her babysit for a Harlequin romance writer wasn’t one of the best decisions her mother ever made, but it’s too late to turn back now! While Alexa is a voracious romance reader, she likes stories with plot and oomph. We all have our tropes and our kinks, and sometimes, sticking to a formula is a good thing. If you ever want a wander on the wild side though, you’ve come to the right place, in more ways than one.

For hobbies, Alexa enjoys reading, writing, cuddling with her three dogs, Finnick, Cooper, and Kyla, and playing some good old-fashioned role playing games, whether tabletop or console.

Alexa has three series planned out so far, and is in the process of writing them as we speak. The Panthera Chronicles begins releasing in February of 2019, following Andi’s search for a mate to save her people. A sister series, The Leonis Chronicles, is also in the works, following the story of Chase and his pride of Lions. It will be able to be read alongside the Panthera Chronicles as a sister series, though both can be read alone.