Paranormal Romance Author

Alexa has been a fan of all things steamy since babysitting for a Harlequin romance writer in her teens. Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this Southern girl has some stories to tell. An only child and predominantly homeschooled, she spent most of her time reading. It was only natural that she turned to writing stories of her own. Alexa has debuted with her Panthera Chronicles series, following a clan of panther shifters through their sexy misadventures.

Alexa enjoys reading, writing, crafting, playing violin, cuddling with her three dogs, Finnick, Cooper, and Kyla, and playing some good old-fashioned role-playing games, whether tabletop or console.

Alexa has two series planned out so far, and is in the process of writing them as we speak. The Panthera Chronicles begins releasing in February of 2019, following Andi’s search for a mate to save her people. A sister series, The Leonis Chronicles, is also in the works, following the story of Chase and his pride of Lions. It will be able to be read alongside the Panthera Chronicles as a sister series, though both can be read alone.