Book Sale!

To celebrate Conflict of Interest’s launch, I’m having a flash sale!

The sale is multi-faceted and run entirely through Amazon. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, the books are always free to read. If you simply have to have a copy in your permanent library though, this sale is for you.

 A Queen’s Trust will be FREE from Sunday September 1st through Thursday, September 5th.

Royal F*ckup and Lesser Victory will be on a sliding sale – buy early for the best price!

The sale kicks off Monday September 2nd at 5:00am PDT for only 99 cents.
Wednesday September 4th at 11:00am PDT, the price jumps to $1.99.
Friday, September 6th at 5:00pm PDT, we’re up to $2.99.
September 9th at 12:00am PDT, they return to their regular price of $4.99.

 To celebrate its launch, Conflict of Interest will be on sale for just 99 cents through September 9th.

As always, reviews feed starving authors, and I’m not beyond playing the ‘I have a broken finger, cheer me up!’ card. So seriously. If you enjoy the books, leave me some love. Sign up to the newsletter to get your free steamy stories every month. Let me know you’re out there ❤



Conflict of Victory is live!

At long last, book four of the Panthera Chronicles is finally here! I’ve affectionately dubbed this one my ‘road trip’ novel and, researching all the neat places the crew got to go was a blast and certainly added some destinations to my bucket list. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy, get one now!

Conflict of Interest is an enemies to lovers romance continuing where Troy and Andi’s story left off. There’s an assassin on the loose, and the only way Andi truly gets her life back is if the half-Tigress is eliminated. Fate weaves a twisted web, however, and Eli must step carefully to ensure the future of his people.

The Lions, once their greatest enemies, are now their fastest allies.

If you’re new to the series, or need to catch up, I’ll be putting the rest of the books on sale sometime this weekend once everything at Amazon catches up behind the scenes. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for details and links.

Moving on from the new release, I’m taking a brief break from Panthera-land and playing with a dark new contemporary romance. The working title is Speechless, and I came up with the idea because, as a survivor of sexual assault, the new song from Disney’s Aladdin really resonated with something in me. I wanted to write a piece other survivors could relate to, a novel that really goes into the psychological effects of that type of abuse and showing how, no matter how dark the night may seem, a new dawn is only a few hours away.

There will be trigger warnings for this book, but if dark romance is your jam, then I’ve got a heaping helping coming your way before the end of the year. After that, we’ll return to Panther-land with book five, Wrong Side of the Bars featuring Sasha and Lita. There’s a preview of the first chapter of their story at the end of Conflict of Interest, so be sure to pick up your copy today.

The last item on the news update is: Paperbacks! Previously, only A Queen’s Trust was available in paperback. I’m waiting on the final cover proofs from the artist and then I’ll have the rest of the paperbacks uploaded and available in September. Exciting!

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August’s Steamy Tuesday Results!

You’ve voted, and the results are in: this month we’ll be hearing from Frost and Leah.

There are many solo Panthers and other cat species that inhabit the sanctuary, preferring the blessings of solitude to the hustle and hustle of the main hub. Frost is one of those cats.

A widow who has lost her son learns to guard her heart. Working with the children makes it worse: any attachment she forms comes into their lives, as well. Sometimes, keeping things simple is the best route. After all, a woman has needs, you know!

Keep an eye on your inboxes next week to receive this month’s Steamy Tuesday.

To celebrate the launch of Conflict of Interest, the rest of the books will be going on sale, too. Perfect time to drag your friends into the journey! You’ll hear news here and on my Facebook page first. See you on the flip side 😉❤️

July’s Steamy Tuesdays – Results!

Hey there, Ryders!

You’ve voted, and the results are in. Tomorrow’s debut Steamy Tuesday short shall feature *drumroll please*

Grayson and Chase!

There was actually a 3-way tie with Eli, but as I sat there staring at the results (and seeing as Eli’s book comes out next month), it was Grayson and Chase that started talking to me, so I went ahead and wrote them! This short comes in at just around 5,000 words and will be available via .pdf to my newsletter subscribers only! If you’re not subscribed, hurry up and hit that button! The mail goes out tomorrow!



Introducing: Steamy Tuesdays

Starting in July, I’m trying something new. I love writing (obviously) and one of my favorite side projects is putting together pairings that wouldn’t typically appear anywhere else in the series. That’s right, we’re talking non-canon pairings over here. I have two so far; one of which is a freebie for signing up for my newsletter. The other one won’t make much sense to anyone else until Chase’s books are out, so I’ll hold it in reserve for a bit.

Still, I really enjoy working on these projects, and my beta team loves getting to read these little snippets, too. So, I’ve decided to make it even MORE fun by inviting you, my readers, to pick who gets put together in the pairings! I’m a firm believer in love for all, and as these pairings are most certainly NOT canon, there are no gender restrictions on your pairing choices.

Every month, I send out two newsletters to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on over here in author-ville. The first email each month will include a link to a poll – this is how you choose which characters will be in that month’s mashup! If you want to see a character listed for voting, feel free to shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to see about adding them to the lists. The second email contains your custom-designed smutty short story.

If you need more reasons to sign up for my newsletter, The Ryder’s Digest, I also mail out deleted scenes, or scenes that I wish could have made it into the books, but it simply wasn’t practical to do so. I also do character interviews and share snippets from my super-secret Series Bibles, too, so that’s always nifty. Add in my currently reading lists, and the Digest really is the best way to keep up with exclusive news and content.

I’ll catch you guys for the next update in July!

XOXO – Alexa

Exciting things coming soon!

Hey there, Ryders! Alexa here with another update.

The first three books of the Panthera Chronicles are now available at a discounted rate as part of a box set! I always love making box sets: this one has over 243,000 words to keep you satisfied. This set contains all of Troy and Andi’s story, and will get you prepared for the series as it continues on. Politics, sexy times, and assassins, galore!

Work is progressing on Eli’s book, Conflict of Interest. I haven’t revealed the cover yet, but the header picture gives you a pretty good hint at what we’re looking at. My beta readers have really been enjoying this one, and this is by far the book that’s been the most fun for me to write in my career as an author. Counting my fantasy pen name, this will also be my tenth book written total, so it feels rather special to me as I enter the double digits.

We have a release date! On or around August 31st, depending on Amazon, you all shall have a book! And it’s a steamy one, guys. Honestly. These two are horn dogs in all the best ways. I’m barely half-way done with the book yet and there’s already been… uh… five steamy scenes so far? I can’t wait to share it with you.

While we’re here, I can share Conflict of Interest’s blurb with you. When I reveal the cover, I’ll share an excerpt or two as well.

It’s not every day you’re given a second chance, and Eli isn’t about to waste his.

Born the second child of the Panthera ruling family, his sole duty is to protect his sister and her reign. So far, he’s done a piss-poor job of it, but all of that’s about to change. Eli’s been handed a way to track his sister’s would-be assassin and he’ll follow her anywhere, even into the forbidden Human territories. 

The penalty for trespassing? Death.

Brenna serves her brother and their Pride as spákona, though the Lioness considers her visions of the future a curse, not a gift. If it weren’t for a vision that linked her Pride’s survival with that of their age-old enemies, the Panthers, she wouldn’t bother with the lesser cats at all. But even her foresight can miss things, and when her brother orders her to join the team hunting Andi’s assassin, Brenna finds there’s more to lose than just her life on this trip.

The Pantheran prince hunts not only a killer, but Brenna’s heart.

After Conflict of Interest, I have a few ideas of where to go next. We could head over to the Pride’s lands and start the Leonis books, we could continue in Panthera to Sasha and Lita’s book, or maybe work both ways, with a novella starring Tobias coming out. Who doesn’t love a silver fox?

Either way, I’m hoping for another release in November, but life being what it is, who knows? I’ll be temporarily moving from part time at my day job to full time to cover a co-worker’s maternity leave, so busy times are afoot! What an exciting time to be alive.



Back in the swing of things

Howdy, folks!

So, my last post let you know what was coming up for me, schedule wise. I mentioned needing to have a surgery done, and all the things.

Well, make that two, because a complication from the first surgery nearly wiped me out. Thank -heavens- I wasn’t home alone when it happened. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t get to my phone to call 911. Things could have ended very differently for me, I’m afraid. Without going into too many details, this second surgery nearly quadrupled my recovery time. I couldn’t even think about writing for about a month afterwards. I was too busy trying to figure out what normal life was and strengthening my core back up enough that I could walk without a cane again. Fun stuff. Let’s not do that again though, shall we?

So, with a month’s delay, Lesser Victory has finally released today! I’ll give you all a moment to cheer.

-crickets chirp-

Ahem. Moving on! Eli’s book is up next, because plot reasons. Go read Lesser Victory to find out why. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, after all. We should see that book out here in August of this year, and then we’re bound for the Pride lands… well, the lands of Chase’s Pride, anyway.

For anyone keeping track at home, Kyla the Great Dane puppy is officially five months old and weighs in at around 75 pounds. Sheesh! She is the best cuddler, though, and has the sweetest way ever to wake me up. Velvet kisses on either my ear or foot, whatever she can reach. Seeing as she’s already taller than me on her hind legs, that’s… pretty much everything!

I’ll catch you around for the next blog update.

XOXO – Alexa

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