Mothers are always right. If I’d listened to mine, I wouldn’t be here now, limping, starved, staring at the swollen banks of a river as my only hope of escape. “Mate for safety,” she’d said. “Wolves like us don’t get to mate for love.” I’d rejected the safe match, and oh, how I’d suffered for it. Love. Such a flimsy concept. There was no love for blessed wolves like me. Only packs that saw our value and wanted to horde our Goddess-given gifts for themselves. If I come out on the other side of this river, if I survive this, this I swear: no one will ever know about my gift, ever again. That way lies only bloodshed, and my paws are red enough.


Intruder. Interloper. Mate. But this half-starved excuse for a wolf is hiding something, something dangerous. I won’t risk my pack and their safety for some feral she-wolf, Moon Goddess’ plans be damned. Except the doctor confirms she’s a Blackmane by blood, one of us. I have to find something to charge her with, some reason I can keep her locked up until I figure out her secret. It doesn’t help that I’m inventing excuses to see her, to talk to her. This female is clouding my mind, my judgment, and it infuriates me like nothing else. And I want her like I’ve never wanted someone in my entire life.


My fated mate is dead, but I still seem to see her everywhere I look, feel her claws digging into every part of my life. All I want to do is throw myself into my work, return to some kind of normal where my Alpha gives me orders, and I follow them. Since Liam can’t seem actually do that, it’s a relief that our Setting Luna has figured things out. She’s assigned me a job that gets me away from the pack for a bit: escorting refugees home. There’s no chance of me finding my mate on this trip, so what could possibly go wrong?


All my life, I’ve been trapped in a limelight I never wanted. Born with a severe birth defect, I was always the “special” twin, and not in a good way. My sister’s been missing for years, having fled from our emotionally abusive father and, no doubt, the shadow I cast. I’ve always trusted that no news is good news, but when I hear there are refugees coming home, part of me can’t help but hope I’ll get to see Sheila just one more time.

This particular novel deals with character disability and PTSD.


When the going gets rough, I’m inevitably the one that hits the road to fix it. Problem is, my mate, Cleo, isn’t too happy with that particular arrangement. I know I owe her a lot, but she hasn’t exactly made things easy. It’s like the Goddess is toying with me. At this point, I’m not sure how we’re going to patch things up, but if I can ever manage to stay home long enough, I’m sure going to try. Problem is, this time? She might not give me the chance.


Every girl dreams of finding her mate when a visiting male wanders through, especially a visiting male of rank.Every girl except me; I’m perfectly happy staying at home as the Beta’s niece, carving out a bit more space for us Windteeth up here in the mountains. Of course, the Goddess has other plans, giving me the one thing I never wanted: a foreign mate. But there’s something wrong with this Beta from Blackmane. It’s like he can’t smell me, can’t sense me. Like I don’t exist to him. 

I don’t plan on staying invisible for long.

This particular novel touches on the topic of pregnancy loss.